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Understand Hosts and Be Understood Yourself! Impress Hosts with Special Services and Successful Coaching!

The work that tourism organisations do will change in the future. The tourism organisations and tourist information centres of the future will have to enthuse guests and establishments and provide a broad range of services tailored to hosts. The focus of the training is on conveying an understanding of the way hosts think and act, as well as recognising opportunities to provide effective help.

This very practice-oriented training course collects and assesses creative ideas to inspire businesses. In particular, the course examines the role of the local tourism organisation/tourist information centre in advising and coaching businesses.

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Hotel Management Made Easy! – Expand Your Knowledge as a Host Coach!

The role of DMOs has changed! Successful tourism associations not only inform and advise their holidaying guests, but also coach and empower their hosts. Landlords and quality coaches at DMOs in particular are in constant contact with businesses and have the opportunity to assist hosts with their inputs.

As part of the landlord coaching seminar series by Kohl & Partner, this seminar "Hotel Business Management Made Easy - Expand Your Knowledge as a Host Coach" is the perfect choice for strengthening the business management knowledge of landlord coaches. In this seminar, you will receive simple tips and practicable tricks to find your way around the "maze of numbers" of the hotel and accommodation industry and, at the same time, gain business knowledge to support your hosts.
Kohl & Partner make working with numbers fun!

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Six Steps to Successful Product Development

Main topic "Destination 2030 - The Future of Tourism Organisations"

Product development is another core theme in Destination 2030! It takes professional product development to have a successful product in a destination. It is the foundation of successful marketing. Our six product development steps show you what you have to consider and how you can get your products off the ground.

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"Better Member Satisfaction through Optimised Internal Communication"

These continue to be challenging times. Especially for tourist information offices, destinations and regional and local tourist offices, because they are at the service of members, officials and tourist businesses. And in many regions and locations, hard-working people put in maximum effort every day - and yet there is a prevailing sentiment in tourist establishments that too little is being done at the level of destinations and regions.

A "classic case" of miscommunication, since as is the case in every (business) relationship between two "factions", care must also be taken here that the sender communicates the message to the receiver in such a way that it is also correctly understood by the receiver. After all, members, functionaries and tourist establishments receive a LOT of communication and written correspondence, but a lot of this is not read (carefully)… And there are a number of reasons for this…

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Professional Budgeting in DMOs - Efficient Budget Creation for Tourism Associations and Regions

This seminar shows you how you can easily and efficiently create operational budgets on a monthly basis for a DMO (Destination Management Organisation).

It is becoming increasingly important for tourism associations and/or tourism destinations to focus strategic priorities for the next few months, to reduce other less important measures and to plan their annual business goals efficiently in the form of budgets.

Efficient monthly budgeting is an effective way of increasing motivation among the DMO employee team to achieve the annual goals, since a budget is also an annual assessment of the current state of play. Joint team budgeting is a very good way of identifying potentials for increasing revenue and reducing costs on the sales side as well as on the cost side. This seminar will make it much easier for you to prepare budgets for
your business in the future, as your employees perform the budgeting and the target/actual comparison.

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Stakeholder Management - The Proven Success Factor in Destination Management

DMOs rarely lack sophisticated marketing plans, what they do lack is organised stakeholder management. In this context, the function of systematic internal marketing is increasingly essential for survival, particularly in the process of transforming the DMO into a service and product optimisation agency. Stakeholder management is now an integral part of the organisational structure of every DMO. Stakeholder management increases the overall acceptance of a DMO as a company and helps to implement projects successfully and quickly with as few obstacles and as much support as possible.
But what is stakeholder management and how do you apply it correctly? We present the methodology of stakeholder management in its 4 steps (identification, analysis, treatment, control), and then transfer it to the everyday practice of a DMO. We then run through a systematic stakeholder management simulation using real examples from among the participants.
We also examine the working methods of successful internal marketing as permanent components of systematic internal marketing. Participants will learn that: Stakeholder management is systematic internal marketing and an integral part of the strategic planning of every DMO. And participants receive valuable digital tools and instructions as a free gift to take with them so the issue does not fade into the background after the seminar and get lost in the burden of everyday tasks.

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The Tourism Organisation of the Future in the Destination 2030 - Tourism Workshop

Main topic "Destination 2030 - The Future of Tourism Organisations"

"Being Successful" – What does this mean for a Destination 2030 tourism organisation? This is the central issue for which we develop solutions together with participants in our tourism workshop. Every tourism office will develop differently, depending on its size and stage of development. After some detailed input by Kohl & Partner on the topic, participants will develop scenarios and solution strategies for individual destinations in a workshop atmosphere. Expert contributions from Kohl & Partner combined with participants' know-how and a range of practical examples will bring the maximum learning benefit for you.

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Brand Development in Destinations – News Perspectives and Insights - Tourism Workshop

Key focus "Destination 2030 - The Future of Tourism Organisations"

Destination brands are increasingly becoming a decision-making factor when people choose a holiday region. A brand represents the values and characteristics of a destination - but: What makes a brand unique? Is the brand also embodied by tourism businesses, employees and the population in a way that creates a coherent image for the guest? What new products are key to strengthening the brand further? And how do I communicate the brand correctly?

In this seminar, you will learn how to (further) develop a tourism brand in the context of market requirements, profiling, key topics and your own developed identity. You will get to know various instruments that accompany and facilitate the process and implementation.

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The Tourist Information Centre of the Future - Tourism Workshop

Tourist information centres (TIs) are still in-demand. In the age of digital information on mobile devices, anytime and anywhere, our guests also want personal tips, individual information and face-to-face conversations. A survey that we recently carried out together with a Munich university confirmed this. It is important to us to optimally align the TIs of the future to the needs of guests today and tomorrow: in how they look, what they offer and above all in the service they provide.

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Active Sales at the Counter / in Tourist Information Centres

What is selling? What makes a top salesperson? And what role do first impressions, body language and sales talk play? In this seminar, you will learn the elements of successful sales talk and also how to write sales-optimised emails. With detailed guidance, valuable advice and a range of exercises, you will optimise your telephone and email selling technique.

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Fit for DMO - Leadership for Tourism Association Boards

How You Can Successfully Shape the Future of Your Tourism Association or Region As A Tourism association Board Chair or Member!

In order to meet the expectations of the public and the requirements of tourism laws, board members of tourism associations or destination management organisations must increasingly professionalise their activities. It is becoming more and more important for board members in tourism associations and destination management organisations to define the strategic priorities and to provide leadership in tourism alongside public relations tasks.

Use this special seminar from Kohl & Partner to further develop as a strategic leader in your organisation. Get some fresh inspiration and find out how you can get the best for your region in your role as a board member

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Methods for Strategy Development, Implementation and Controlling

Tourism associations are regularly faced with the task of defining the strategic course for the next few years. For this reason, a strategy process must be started on a regular basis. In this seminar, participants learn about the access points, methods and success factors in strategy processes. In addition, the seminar includes practical options for implementing and controlling strategies and their a participant discussion on their transferability.

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Best Employer Destination – Successful Employer Branding for Destinations

A shortage of skilled workers, high employee turnover and the resulting short-term improvisations are currently causing many tourist destinations a headache. The issue of staff has always been an important one in the hotel industry - but now things are getting critical. A destination must be a "Best Employer Destination"©, and offer attractive surroundings to even hope of being able to offer employees the chance of having a good quality of life. The aim is to offer locals attractive job opportunities and to make it easier for tourism businesses to find and bind employees by integrating foreign workers into local life.
In this seminar, you will learn how you can take a pro-active approach to dealing with the issue and have the chance to exchange insights with both trainer and participants. You will learn best practice from employer branding initiatives which have been implemented at destination level and learn five pragmatic steps to becoming a Best Employer Destination.

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Creating Experiences in Destinations – Learning from Excursion Sites and Attractions

Know-how and practical examples on theme creation, target group definition, visitor management, definition of experience points and the dramaturgy of the visit to the destination.
Destinations are a network of service partners and experience points that should be perfectly coordinated. As an experience space for guests, the destination thus acts as a stage for your service partners and experiences. Destination management can plan the staging of experiences in a structured manner. This seminar will show you exactly how this works in a combination of knowledge transfer, practical examples, exchange of experiences and possibilities for implementation at your tourist destination.

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