Marketing Optimisation Check

The marketing check assesses a company's marketing activities to-date, with the aim of deriving specific recommendations for future marketing work.
On the basis of the documents provided by the customer according to our checklist, we prepare a specialist tourism marketing analysis report with specific, individual recommendations for the future.

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Marketing Concept

Marketing work forms the basis of all entrepreneurial activity - whether in a hotel, an excursion site or a destination. Before starting marketing and sales campaigns, you need a marketing concept that includes all the necessary business components.
This marketing concept is "the 5 Ps":

  • Product / product or offer design (description of offers, packages, product groups, modules, etc.)
  • Price / definition and calculation of sales prices according to different factors (season, yield, upper and lower price limits, etc.)
  • Promotion / communication measures: based on the 5 Kohl & Partner marketing principles: e-marketing, print, classic marketing, CRM, PR
  • Place / sales or distribution: online and offline; direct and indirect sales measures, POS, etc.
  • People: training, leadership, education and training of service employees as well as internal marketing.

We will gladly work with you to develop a marketing concept with an initial action plan (usually for one year). Duration of consultation: around 2-3 months.

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Product Development

Starting with the guest motives and strategic business fields of the company, tempting offers are developed with the aim of attracting bookings.
With its proven six-step formula, Kohl & Partner helps customers develop their products in a Product Development workshop.
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Website Check

Annually growing visitor numbers make the internet ever more important for business success. This information medium has developed into an important communication channel, especially in the tourism industry. A successful internet presence should not only visually correspond to the ideas of the management. The first priority must be that the target group can find you easily online. As well as having a modern website, being active on social networks makes it easier for people to find your business on search engines.

Website Check Professional
On the basis of the customer's website, our Professional Website Check identifies potential for improvement and provides recommendations for implementation - a detailed report is also prepared (with best practice examples, specific improvement measures and implementation tips).

Website Check Light
On the basis of the customer's website, this check identifies potential for improvement and provides concrete recommendations for implementation - an approximately three-page report, structured simply and clearly according to the traffic light system, is also sent by email.
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Google AdWords Coaching – Manage Your Own Google AdWords Account

By the end of the Google AdWords Coaching, customers should be able to manage their Google AdWords account themselves. Managing their own account helps hoteliers react better to seasonal conditions, because nobody can do this better than the hotelier themselves.
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Strategic Marketing Guidelines

When broadening or amending what you offer (conversion or new construction, repositioning, development of new seasonal periods), you have to rethink or expand strategic business areas. The aim is to create strategic guidelines as a basis for decision-making for a future operational marketing plan.
Based on the repositioning and individual questions of the customer, the future marketing guidelines are jointly defined and presented on the basis of extensive research and work discussions.
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Operational Marketing Plan

The aim of the consultation is to create an efficient marketing and sales plan appropriate to the business, with a detailed list of activities, deadlines and responsibilities for one year.
Kohl & Partner's industry know-how helps define measures which are individually tailored to the company based on the market offer and previous marketing activities (minimum information requirement = marketing spend in P&L).
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Optimisation / Professionalisation of Guest Correspondence (Guest Journey)

This Kohl & Partner consultancy product starts where a marketing agency's service often ends. We create correspondence templates tailored to your business for optimal guest care along the service chain.
We support you in creating tailor-made, individual correspondence templates that accompany your guests from enquiry to booking and then after their stay. We install tried and tested Kohl & Partner practical tools to ensure the achievement of both qualitative and quantitative goals.
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The Untapped Potential of Your Guest Database

The guest database is the key asset of every hotel. The acquisition of new customers is often the first priority in marketing, and there is a lot of untapped potential in your guest database.
The aim is to restructure your guest database according to strategic guidelines and, based on this, development measures for the targeted advertising of the individual segments.

The consultant records the status of the guest database on-site and, taking into account the existing front office software, provides a segmentation proposal. We then develop measures for each segment in a half-day workshop.

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Pre-Opening Marketing Support

The aim of the consultation is to develop a marketing strategy and a pre-opening concept which represents a clear market identity for the new or revamped business. In addition to creating themes, the consultation also includes a SWOT analysis, the positioning, the definition of target groups and target markets and the definition of possible USPs. On the basis of strategic preparatory work, a marketing and sales plan is drawn up both for the pre-opening phase and for the opening itself. This plan includes the exact list of activities, dates and responsibilities for the pre-opening phase (from six to a maximum of 12 months before opening), the opening and the first few weeks afterwards.

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Marketing Support (Marketing Coaching)

The aim of marketing coaching is to support you in the implementation of your marketing activities with the latest tourism know-how to help you market your business and everything it has to offer and to represent it to the outside world in the best possible way. A mixture of coaching & training combines theoretical content with practical tips and active work.
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