Product Development

Service Bundles that Attract Bookings - From Idea to Implementation

Develop Products & Packages

The next few years will continue to be dominated by product development. Kohl & Partner will help you give your tourism products wings and, building on this, show you how you can introduce packages as means of advertising bookable tourism products.

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Guest Cards

Kohl & Partner helps destinations introduce their own card systems. Kohl & Partner's services include business template development (card content - development of cooperation between the service partners - accounting system - controlling - marketing) up to implementation support for the introduction of a card.

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Visitor Management Concept

An analysis is used to refine fields of action to guide visitors to the destination. These can be digital solutions, visitor stream analyses or traffic solutions.

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Experience Space Concept / Staging

Tourist destinations can learn a lot from excursion destinations & attractions. The experience space concept includes aspects such as theme creation, target group definition, visitor management, the definition of experience points and the dramaturgy of the visit to the destination. The principles of staging and storytelling flow into the concept.

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