Organisation & Leadership

DMO 2030 - The Tourism Organisation of the Future

"Being Successful" – What does this mean for a Destination 2030 tourism organisation? This is the central issue for which we develop solutions together with participants in our tourism workshop or in several process steps. 

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(Agile) Leadership and HR in DMOs

At the team level, the key to agile leadership is managers delegating high levels of responsibility to their teams. For leadership to be agile, however, the organisation needs a strong purpose. An agile manager coaches and sets the sails for your team. We help you make and keep leadership and HR agile in your DMO.

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Organisational Development in DMOs

Kohl & Partner supports destinations in the (further) development of their tourism organisation (new organisation, restructuring). "Structure follows strategy" - this is Kohl & Partner's approach to organisational development. The elaborations in the organisational development of destinations include the development of visions, strategies, structures, organisational culture, role and task definition/task allocation/organisational chart, internal work processes and resources (employees, offices, budgets).

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Support of Reorganisation Processes / Mergers

We support you in the reorganisation of your destination management organisation. In doing so, we rely on numerous empirical values that Kohl & Partner has gathered in reorganisation processes and develop a corresponding concept with the involvement of many stakeholders. In addition, we support you in the implementation of the organisational structure and process organisation.

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Team Development

Depending on the task, we accompany teams at kick-off events and motivational events as well as in developing self-assessments and improvement measures/ideas. We help prepare organisational charts.

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Forming Partnerships and Networks

When building tourism networks and partnerships, Kohl & Partner puts its expertise and knowledge of processes at your service – to make the whole bigger than the sum of its parts.

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