In addition to experience working with concepts in consulting projects, our specialists also have experience in the operational gastronomy business (service and kitchen). This helps you implement the concepts with your employees in the best way possible.
This is just one of the ways in which our gastronomy service is highly practice-oriented.

Gastronomy Concept (Allocation Plan)

As a part of tourist infrastructure facilities, gastronomy is an important part of the overall business experience and a key source of revenue for the business. Kohl & Partner develops modern concepts and attractive offers as the basis for (business) success.
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Dimensioning and Seating Requirements

Developing sensible, appropriate dimensions for an excursion site is a multi-faceted challenge which calls for the right balance between peak and off-peak hours.
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Definition of Offering Range (e.g. Menu Structure)

Traditional "from-to offers" are a thing of the past in gastronomy. Today, you need a menu that is right for your target market, the location and/or infrastructure facility.
Also, you need to have system access which guarantees top quality at speed at peak times.
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Analysis and Supervision of Expansion Plans

Kohl & Partner examines and supports your expansion plans to help give you a concept which is optimised for business and processes that run smoothly from both a guest and customer perspective.
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Employee Deployment Planning

Kohl & Partner uses a detailed needs analysis to create an employee deployment plan which helps highlight potential rationalisations in the current business and a list of measures to exploit these potentials.
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Quality Checks

We use mystery quality checks (including test requests) to develop operational quality measures to meet guests' core requirements. Kohl & Partner uses specialist advisors to carry out personal quality checks and can, if necessary, fall back on a network of trained testers.
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