Investments - Feasibility Analyses

Investment Check

The Investment Check is a preliminary strategic and business analysis of the fundamental feasibility of your investment project

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Investment Project Optimisation

We analyse and optimise your investment plan together with you. From this, we can then define the planner requirements. Once sketches and cost estimates have been submitted, architects work on the plans and come up with the best outcome for you. The final step is a detailed commercial forecast, which can be presented to financing and funding agencies.

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Business Plan

The operational business plan is the key tool for new business managers. It describes the contents, general conditions, positioning of the facility up to distribution, key business data and much more, so that the product is also properly established on the market. A business plan should be carefully considered and elaborated to ensure that the facility is also operated as intended and thus provides appropriate security to the stakeholders of the company.

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Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility study for a tourism investment project (new build, conversion, extension, purchase, lease etc.) outlines the optimisation of the desired operating concept (or new development) and a detailed profitability calculation, which can be presented to banks and funding agencies.

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Plausibility Analysis of a Profitability Calculation

We can perform an expert plausibility analysis on a profitability calculation submitted by you from a tourism perspective based on our experience and comparative values from Kohl & Partner's tourism advisory service

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Hotel Project Site Assessment

Before conducting an in-depth feasibility study, the fundamental suitability of an area must first be examined from a tourism-specific perspective.

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Hotel Requirement Study for a Destination or Town

In a comprehensive study, Kohl & Partner assesses the need for hotel investment with regard to the aims of the project proponents, the location conditions, the field of competitors and overall tourist appeal for a destination.

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