Operational Optimisation / Coaching

Is your tourist facility not achieving the planned business goals? There can be many reasons for this, from pricing and frequency issues to increased cost positions in individual areas.
We will gladly help you analyse your facility and creating an individual plan of action. The optimisation paper forms the basis for our support in the implementation.

Partner Programmes

People hold high expectations when it comes to tourist infrastructure facilities being inspirational. To properly meet these expectations, we develop partner programs by engaging partners in a timely manner. In this process, contracts are agreed to closely integrate the accommodation and infrastructure partners with the infrastructure facility and to strengthen mutual support and teamwork.
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Asset and Performance Management

Investments by investors or public sponsoring institutions must be managed professionally. A running target-actual comparison with benchmarking along with recommendations for optimisation and strategic further development can provide the basis for this. Kohl & Partner can contribute its understanding of current market developments and provide prepared (quarterly) documents as a basis for further strategic decisions.
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Price Policy

"Price multiplied by quantity" is the key formula for businesses with a high proportion of fixed costs. Here, price is not just a marketing argument, but also has the highest business impact. To improve the average price, the most effective instruments used here are price structure and offer mix optimisations.
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What is our current situation and what potentials exist? We answer these questions using proven industry reference values and present concrete action plans. Kohl & Partner has access to a wealth of market information and data to facilitate this.
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Coaching and Implementation Support

To help implement the planned concepts and specifications, Kohl & Partner acts as technical partner from concept creation to ongoing operation and is thus the "guardian" of the concept in discussions with representatives from architecture, technology, operator requirements or other external influences.
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Controlling and Budgeting

You can only react to market shifts in the right way if your business has the right controlling knowledge - this will help management act quickly. In budgeting, target values are calculated on the basis of planned activities in the areas of innovation, marketing, product development, etc., and corresponding measures are designed. These are broken down into individual areas and departments.
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Marketing & Sales

The success of infrastructure facilities greatly depends on marketing and sales. Concrete implementation plans are prepared which take into account target groups, products, communication channels and partners, as well as precise budgets, and which can be implemented by employees in this area.
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Infrastructure facilities have a particular reputation for raising high expectations, as early as the construction stage. A professional pre-opening with the right messages in the right place at the right time is essential to ensure success right from the start.
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Employee Management

Service is of great importance in many areas of infrastructure. Training employees to think in these terms and cultivating a service "ethos" is a success factor. We also discuss the efficient use of employees and the coaching of department heads
In addition, we can help you optimise your use of employees.
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