Quality Management

Mystery Quality Checks

Detailed mystery quality checks (including test requests) for individual businesses or partnership groups by accredited consultants including a detailed discussion of the results on-site.

Five reasons for a mystery quality check by Kohl & Partner:

  • Mystery quality checks (mystery guest visits) are exclusively performed by qualified consultants with several years of experience.
  • More than 30 years of know-how in tourist mystery checks (telephone, email, mystery guest visits, special checks) - the portfolio ranges from farm holidays, hotels of all kinds, to thermal baths, excursion destinations, partnership groups and qualification associations, tourism or regional associations and EU funding projects.
  • Mystery checks are followed up by further measures - everything from a single source (ranging from workshops with a list of measures, training and seminars, to coaching and individual business advice).
  • Individual written reports with benchmarking (individual criteria review or creation of criteria optional) with photo documentation, showing strengths and potential for improvement from the consultant's point of view and individual adaptation of the evaluations based on the client's requirements.
  • All consultants are also accredited as mystery checkers by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
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Premium Mystery Guest Check

Anonymous test guests (certified consultants) visit your business and put your hardware and software under the microscope.
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Anonymous Test Requests

An anonymous test request, in writing or by phone, intending to show how professionally employees sell a holiday or how quickly and customer-specific an offer is made by telephone or email.
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Quality Development Programme

Implementation of a quality management system in the hotel by preparing quality manuals together with management and training employees in working with them in their everyday tasks.
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Implementing an EFQM System

An EFQM-compliant quality management system is developed as a superstructure specially designed for the business and implemented in cooperation with the managers.
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