Feasibility and Plausibility Analyses

Kohl & Partner has a wealth of feasibility analysis experience and can also draw on comprehensive benchmark data. This data is applied to your project in a targeted manner to critically examine its feasibility.
In the further course of implementation, we help you select operators and assist with contract content to ensure the long-term success of your investment.

Project Evaluation

In a project evaluation, concepts and ideas can be analysed for their plausibility. Kohl & Partner makes use of its wealth of experience and can provide benchmark data from its vast internal database. The results are summarised in specifications for planners, while our detailed commercial forecast can be presented to financing and funding agencies.
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Public Private Partnership Projects

Taking advantage of the benefits of public-private partnership can improve the development and operation of many an infrastructure project. We bring together key aspects such as offer ranges, tariff systems, operating hours, organisation and co-determination rights and regulations for follow-up investments etc. and bring them into line with future requirements, using our experience from other public-private partnership projects.
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Feasibility Study & Profitability Calculation

Financial partners, investors and operators not only have a stake in the future potential of (leisure) tourism facilities, but also need the best possible hedging of future expectations. Kohl & Partner's market experience and regional knowledge goes into assessing your facility's commercial potential, taking any project-specific requirements into account.
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Operator Selection

Successful projects require structured investment and good operators. Finding and choosing the right operator for tourist and leisure infrastructure is therefore very important. With its expert view of the market, Kohl & Partner is able to provide the best level of support and bring together the right partners.
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Lease and Management Contracts

Specific regulations apply in contracts of this kind concerning infrastructure facilities. The form of partnership and cooperation is defined as a basis, and the requirements and expectations of the contractual partners are then developed on this basis. These are then incorporated into the contracts.
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Investment and Financing

The investment requirements of the business are determined on the basis of benchmark data and similar projects. The profitability calculation reveals which parts of financing can be funded from current operations. Using this information, financial partners can help develop financing models.
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