Implementing a Controlling System

Step-by-step development and installation of a custom, usable controlling system in close cooperation with the business owner. The aim of the project is to create an effective system for identifying and processing management-relevant company data, to establish a continuous reporting system, and thus to continuously improve on already impressive operating results. The responsible employees and/or the controlling officer in the company are intensively trained in all controlling tools used in order to ensure that the company is (also) guided by figures and to secure long-term improvement in company results and liquidity.

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After collecting the actual data of the last three financial years, the business goals for the next year are defined in a budget workshop together with entrepreneurs and department heads.
We develop the budget, which includes details on individual departments, on a monthly basis with the controlling software IGEL, which was developed for the requirements of the tourism industry. No on-site software installation is necessary. All reports from this database system are Excel-compatible and can therefore be made available to the business, as well as banks and investors. Budget planning is carried out in accordance with the international standard Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, thus providing transparent, meaningful and comparable reporting.

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Controlling Check

The controlling check reveals which measures are necessary to create an effective system to identify and process management-relevant company data. In addition, the controlling check identifies and highlights rationalisation potentials.
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Administrative Pre-Opening-Support

We can help you with the organisation of administrative processes before your hotel even opens. This phase sees the laying of the key foundations for a successful start.
An expertly parametrised MIS front office, individually tailored to the needs of your business. Financial accounting set up according to STAHR or the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, pre-opening budget, or preparation of an operational budget for the first financial year. Clear administrative processes in all departments.

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When it comes to successfully leading entire departments and the whole business over the medium to long term, benchmarking your hotel is not a "necessary evil", but an "absolute must". Being familiar with your own figures and comparing them with similar businesses is an important factor in making operational and strategic decisions. No matter whether you are in a partnership group, comparing your business to regional competitors, or making comparisons on a national level. It is always important to use uniformly prepared figures from comparable businesses for benchmarking work. A direct benchmark comparison does not necessarily have to consist of a range of businesses - rather, the general recommendation is that comparability within the business and offer range structure is emphasised. Only in this way can benchmarking provide meaningful findings for your business.

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Controlling Coaching

A detailed analysis of the current situation is used to identify the hotel's administrative processes. A monthly budget is drawn up for the coming financial year with the businessperson. Subsequently, the accompanying controlling concentrates on the creation of an effective system for identifying and processing the management-relevant data of the tourism business. In the course of this work, rationalisation potentials are identified and then exploited.
Coaching and accompanying expert support (sparring partner) in the implementation of a controlling system in your company.
Coaching runs for over a year (shorter or longer terms can also be agreed), with a previously agreed number of coaching workshops at your premises and permanent coaching support by telephone and email.

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