Studies and Reports

Studies & Reports

Kohl & Partner produces impartial specialist reports based on solid analysis and expert discussions. Each study by Kohl & Partner is specific to the customer and gets to the heart of the essential core statements. Kohl & Partner studies contain the latest know-how and practical experience in tourism. Examples of studies by Kohl& Partner are

- Study on the Success Factors for Tourism in the Austrian Lake Regions
- Innovation Study
- Study on the Impact of Euro 2008 on Tourism
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Study for the Analysis and Stimulation of Value Creation in Tourism

Our analysis calculates the direct and indirect value creation potentials and identifies the essential drivers of tourism revenue generation in the destination. Based on this, recommendations are derived on how value creation can be stimulated and how added value can be created for businesses and destinations.
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Price Study for a Destination or Region

In a detailed price study, we analyse and compare current hotel prices from a previously defined sample of price lists with prices at low-cost providers and on platforms. We also highlight the business and regional effects and develop clear recommendations for future pricing strategies.
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Price Study for a Destination or Region

The "Gastronomy Price Comparison" provides a current overview of price levels according to specific business types and regions. Clients are usually representatives or destinations. In addition to the price comparison, the benefit for gastronomers lies in an individually created, striking guide to success factors in the catering industry. Alongside concrete tips to improve results, it also contains practicable reference values and sample calculations for different enterprise types.
In addition, a "Meal Index" can serve as the basis for active press work for guiding gastronomers towards "calculation and successful offer creation".
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Tourism Impact Analyses

We create a study on the tourist impact on the basis of well-founded data to address the question posed. We can perform impact analyses on the basis of a planned infrastructure development or other factors influencing a destination's success.

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