Swiss company invests in the first marina resort with hotel accommodation in Albania

The Swiss company Finsec AG in Zug has been working on Albania's first marina project for eight years. Obtaining the port licence and ultimately the building permit took a great deal of patience.
This patience was finally rewarded on 2 October 2014 when Finsec laid the foundation stone for the project. This official ceremony was held in front of numerous official, regional and Swiss guests.

When the marina opens, the gap between Porto Montenegro and Corfu will be closed for the first time. Porto Albania is set to welcome guests as the newest and first marina in the next two to three years.
Kohl & Partner is looking for the right partner for the investors. There are currently 3 options to choose from. The decision will be made in the coming months:

  • arrowboldA brand as an operating company
  • arrowboldA management company and a brand in a franchise
  • arrowboldA management company with links to marketing organisations