Revamp of the Black Forest Spa Resort Route - Schwarzwald Bäderstrasse

Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH
Pforzheim Office
Am Waisenhausplatz 26
75172 Pforzheim, Germany

Brief project description:

The Black Forest Spa Resort Route (Schwarzwald Bäderstrasse) runs between the gold city of Pforzheim and Freudenstadt in a 270 km-long circular route, past classic spas and health resorts in the northern Black Forest. Today, the only evidence of the tourist road, which was launched in 1970, is the signage. Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH and the individual towns are responsible for the marketing.

The Northern Black Forest Tourist Action Alliance helped reach the conclusion that the Northern Black Forest is perfect for health tourism. The revamp of the route will show whether it still warrants such a label, is sustainable as a concept and how it can be repositioned.

Key elements of the project:

  • arrowboldInvestigation of the current situation, the potentials and possible themes for reorientation, including consideration of community expectations
  • arrowboldEvaluation of regional studies and research on current trends, health tourism target group profiles, competitor situation and best practice examples
  • arrowboldRepresentation of possible positioning/thematic scenarios including distinction from other themed routes
  • arrowboldProposals for strategic repositioning including a detailed definition of the target groups, the main topics and a new market presence with logo and name
  • arrowboldDevelopment of staging and product opportunities in the area of the route, including offer and quality criteria
  • arrowboldDevelopment of a strategic marketing concept for the route
  • arrowboldProposals for the reorganisation and financing of the route

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