Product development and experience space design

Ausserfern Regional Development
MMag. Günter Salchner
Kohlplatz 7
6600 Pflach, Austria

Brief project description:

Lechweg - hiking along the river of life
The starting point is the 125 km hiking trail along the Lech river from its source in Lech am Arlberg to its mouth near Füssen. The river runs through the adventure areas Lech and Warth am Arlberg, Lechtal, Reutte and Füssen in Bavaria. A special geographic and narrative guidance system with "emotional cartography" was developed for a 35+ target group segment with a passion for hiking in cooperation with the Swiss company Erlebnisplan.

The individual locations, sights, historical facts and landscape events were defined in cross-border cooperation and several workshops. This matrix of well-being forms the basis of an "emotional hiking map". Guests can experience what the map has to offer on a hike lasting several days.

The development of the Lechweg offer should therefore also be considered an identity-creating process for the region, which will shape the product that guests experience.
In addition, the course was set for product management, such as requirements, organisational structure, budget and financing, and an implementation plan for a future product manager.

Key elements of the project:

  • arrowboldIdeas workshops in the individual sections of the experience area
  • arrowboldWorkshops on emotional cartography - defining characters and stories of the individual sections
  • arrowboldElaboration of product development concept with thematic positioning, offer elements and cost estimate
  • arrowboldElaborations on product management: organisation and operation
  • arrowboldCreation of an implementation guide for the future product manager

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