WORKSHOP ""Junior" Today - Boss Tomorrow"

Target group: all young entrepreneurs up to 35 years of age

Date: 28/10/2021
Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Location: Hotel Lärchenhof, Seefeld
Organiser: Kohl & Partner
Registration deadline: 20/10/2021
Participation fee: € 515 including snacks, lunch, seminar documents and test request plus 20% VAT

Requirements for young managers in the hotel industry

The job role of a hotelier has changed significantly in recent years, not least due to the challenges in the employee market, digitisation and the increasing demands of our guests. The demands on young managers are more complex today than they were a decade ago.

As if it weren't enough that today's young hoteliers have to be "all-rounders", they also have to be "rapid learners"! Decisions have to be made quickly, finding and retaining employees is harder than it was even a few years ago and the world of marketing is moving faster than ever before - young hoteliers cannot afford to lose sight of themselves or their guests!

One thing's for sure, the job of a hotelier is not easy!

Key content at a glance:

  • arrowboldWhat are my strengths and potentials as a manager? (using the Kohl & Partner leadership compass)
  • arrowboldThe ups and down of being a hotelier with follow-up discussion
  • arrowboldThe brain as a construction area: Why we as managers behave the way we do and findings from neurobiology
  • arrowboldSuccessful management behaviour
  • arrowboldA guide to being unhappy for young entrepreneurs
  • arrowbold Event highlights: Various questions for critical self-reflection; tools for young entrepreneurs that can be used straight away; after approx. 10 days, participants receive the first optimisation potentials based on the Kohl & Partner management compass

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