Practical Tips on How to Handle Personal Complaints

Even the best businesses sometimes get complaints and negative feedback. However, responding in the correct way and handling complaints in a sophisticated manner bears great potential for your regular guest marketing. Criticism and complaints give you the opportunity to improve quality in-house and to impress your guests. This seminar will show you how to handle complaints in a way that makes your guests happy and how to create a structured complaints management system.

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Active Selling On the Phone and Face-to-Face

Is sales talent something you are born with? Or can you learn to sell through experience and practice? The art of selling is not about talking people into buying something they don't need. It is about recognising needs and desires and showing someone that their purchase decision is the right one. Convince with heart, hand and mind instead of manipulating.
In this seminar, you will learn how to sell successfully and how to strengthen and expand your own sales talent. We also work intensively on communication techniques, relationship management and promoting guest loyalty.

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Professional Guest Correspondence by Email – How to Impress When Responding to Enquiries (1 day)

In recent years, email has become the most important means of communication for answering guest enquiries. The professional impression of your email correspondence with guests - from arrival to follow-up - is therefore crucial to the success of the sale. With detailed instructions, tips on text formation and guest-oriented style, you can optimise your own offer template during the seminar.

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Active Sales at Reception, On the Phone and In Emails (2 days)

What is selling? What makes a top salesperson? And what role do first impressions, body language and sales talk play? In this seminar, you will learn the elements of successful sales talk and sales-optimised email correspondence. With detailed guidance, valuable advice and a range of exercises, you will optimise your telephone and email selling technique.

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Making Your Reception Modern and Professional

A professional-looking reception is like a business card for the hotel. The reception is the first point of contact in a hotel and decides whether guests arrives relaxed or stressed when they enter their hotel room. Therefore, professional quality management is one of the guarantees of success for hotel operations.

From the first time a guest makes contact with a booking request to their departure and subsequent post-stay management, the service you provide to your guest is your top priority. In this seminar, we work intensively on communication techniques, managing our guests and active sales at reception.

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