Quality management involves more than just measuring results, documenting key figures and meeting standards or guest expectations.

Upholding the value of quality therefore means increasingly thinking and acting across departments, building bridges at interfaces and optimising processes, with the aim of achieving a high level of guest satisfaction within the entire company.

Practical Tips on How to Handle Personal Complaints

Even the best businesses sometimes get complaints and negative feedback. However, responding in the correct way and handling complaints in a sophisticated manner bears great potential for your regular guest marketing. Criticism and complaints give you the opportunity to improve quality in-house and to impress your guests. This seminar will show you how to handle complaints in a way that makes your guests happy and how to create a structured complaints management system.

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We Understand Each Other, Right?! - The Success Factor of Communication

Everything would be so much easier if words didn't get between what we want to say and what we end up saying. The quality of communication in dealing with one another is measured by what the listener understands and what happens when they react.

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Empathy Training

Part 1 - Workshop:
In this introductory part, the goals of the "experiment" are explained to employees and managers. Factors such as inspiring enthusiasm, WOW factors, etc. are named as goals and, as you would expect, the problem that employees often do not act with empathy over the long term is not mentioned. A clear theoretical discussion of why empathy is so important in our industry is followed by a number of training units, such as empathy tests. These are theoretical challenges with descriptions of scenarios that participants have to solve successfully. Participants complete the empathy checklist once in the first part of the training and then again after the individual coaching.

Part 2 - individual coaching:
The individual coaching which follows focuses on implementing the empathy moments from the workshop. What is actually "lived" empathically by whom, when, and how? Where can deficits be found and why do these exist? Where are the obstacles to greater empathy? Which reality anchors can we use to consolidate empathy?

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More Service, Please! Your Way to More Regular Guests

Good service and a little "more", that is what your guests want. But how do we achieve "more service"? How can you become a "service ambassador" for your guests? In this seminar, you will learn what demands the latest standards of service place on you and how good service can be achieved. Using practical examples, we will show you how you can meet and even exceed your guests' expectations.

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What Guests Want…Guest Orientation 4.0

In dealing with your guests, you need to act with friendliness, diplomacy and eloquence. How you look is just as important here as being assured and confident in your manner. First impressions counts

More and more career changers are working in tourism. These employees do not always know how to deal with guests in this day and age. And seasoned employees in the industry see this refresher in contemporary etiquette as something that makes a real impact. Just consider how the role of women alone has changed so fundamentally in recent times.

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'Intercultural Training for Handling Guests from Different Cultures'

In our globalised world, encounters with people from other cultures are unavoidable; in tourism, it is even desirable. Communicating with guests can, however, be fraught with unpleasant difficulties, not all of which are to do with language. Cultural competence means saving time and preventing annoying or embarrassing misunderstandings and, most importantly, having happy guests who feel understood. In this seminar, you will first learn to recognise the differences and then work on becoming a successful intercultural communicator.

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