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Develop and Create Messenger Marketing and Successful Email Campaigns

Good newsletters continue to be one of the most important tools in the online marketing mix. However, many hotels do not get the most out of good email marketing. Often, this is due to a lack of planning and effective newsletter structure. We will show you step-by-step how you can get new email addresses, write eye-catching subject texts and increase your opening, click and conversion rates. This seminar will give you a range of practical tips, tricks and tools for creating effective newsletters which win and retain customers.

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Best To Go Direct! Save On Commissions, More Direct Bookings

In recent years, online booking platforms such as have won an increasing share of the market. Review platforms such as HolidayCheck, tripadvisor and the like also provide third-party booking options. This may be beneficial for the guest, but bookings through these platforms increase your commissions. Even if you cannot completely avoid working with these platforms, it is worth making the most of your own direct booking channels so that you make more money on each booking. In this seminar, we examine in detail just how travellers look for hotels and how you can use your sales channels in the best way to generate more direct bookings and save on commissions.

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Smart Marketing on a Small Budget

Marketing does not have to cost the Earth! This seminar offers small business landlords a range of effective marketing measures that can bring success, even on a tight budget. In addition to the world of opportunities online, it is important for smaller accommodation businesses to focus on affordable, targeted measures.

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Course: More Off-Season Bookings

Do something about empty beds in increasingly long off-seasons!
Understand the current trends and get to know today's guests. In the off-season, making your business stand out from the crowd is essential. We will work with you to develop your off-season positioning strategy to attract bookings from your target market!
Benefit from our many years of experience and develop measures and strategies tailored to your business which will help you get the most out of off-season.

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PR in the Hotel and Tourism Industries: Do it yourself!

You don't have to use PR agencies to excel in PR. Anyone with good stories to tell will find an audience. This seminar will show you how to tell these stories to people and to the media. What content is relevant for the media? What are the key elements of a text? How do I deal with media representatives? And how should we respond in a crisis? We will help you develop the first concrete thematic ideas and the basis of your PR strategy.

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6 Out Of 6 Stars? How to Handle Ratings and Guest Complaints

Almost every hotelier knows the situation: Your guest is leaving and, while they are checking out, is once again asked whether they enjoyed their stay. And even though your guests answers "yes", a few days later, a negative review appears on HolidayCheck or tripadvisor. What could you have done to prevent this? In a one-day seminar, we discuss this type of situation and, together with you, work on ways of making your guests ambassadors for your brand. Guest complains are a permanent feature of the industry, so we all need training in how to handle them. This seminar will not only show you how to deal with complaints properly, but also how you can minimise them from the outset. In addition, we explore several ways to sustainably increase your positive ratings.

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No "Likes" or "Hearts"? Social Media Marketing for Beginners

"Help! What do I actually post?". Social medial profiles don't just take care of themselves. Most people forget that social media marketing is also a key aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO). Social media activity gives a real boost to your search result ranking. Authenticity, continuity and good content pay off. Content marketing is a long game and storytelling is on everyone's lips. But what's the winning formula? And what makes a good story? It is hard to create good content off the cuff - it is much easier with good social media planning. In our one-day seminar, social media novices and enthusiasts can discover how they can tap into the right social media channel for their target group, be successful and generate revenue from content marketing.

Of course, a one-day seminar like this will also be full of practical tools, tricks and best-practice tips.

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Advertising Welcome! Social Media Marketing for Experts

Social media is important. We can no longer imagine our lives without Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites. In this one-day seminar, our online marketing specialists take you into the world of Facebook and Instagram ads.
You will be working directly in your advertising account and learn a range of targeting methods and advertising formats. Using successful best-practice examples from our industry, you will see what matters when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads. We work with you to develop a buyer persona as the basis for successful advertising campaigns, which will also serve as a guide in later work. Of course, a one-day seminar like this will also be full of practical tools, tricks and best-practice tips.

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"How Can You Make Marketing Quantifiable? Marketing Controlling for Beginners

Did you spend several thousand euro on marketing last year without having any real idea of what all these campaigns actually achieved? Or do you know that some campaigns worked well but are not really sure what actually made them successful? Google Ads, social media posts, portal entries, mailshots, newsletters – all of these activities cost a great deal of money, so you should know the revenue each activity brings in. Effective tracking shines a light on the situation. Our one-day seminar involves intensive work with practical measures to help you choose marketing investments more effectively in the future. Because without data, you're just another person with an opinion.

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Design Advertising Material and Printed Materials That Customers Love

The basics of graphic design and how to get the best out of working with print shops, advertising agencies and graphic designers.
Hints for better writing and designing advertising material. Tips and tricks for working with graphic designers, advertising agencies and printing companies.

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Touchpoint Marketing, Or How You Can Successfully Make Contact (Again) With Guests

"It's getting increasingly more difficulty to find and keep the right kind of guest." This is something we hear a lot and so we looked for practical solutions which, in the face of the new challenges in marketing, can help you keep guests coming back again and again.
In this seminar, we will show you the importance of mindfulness and the personal touch in touchpoint marketing and what you need to consider for efficient communication with (potential) guests. We link new findings from studies and the field of neuromarketing with proven tools before working on your new touchpoint marketing together with you.

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Create Offers & Packages Tailored to Target Groups and Win New Guests

Unique products arouse the curiosity of new guests, who are sure to book them if they are presented well. But how can you come up with a unique idea for your business? How can you turn an idea into a service or a package? Targeted product marketing in a flat rate scheme helps products become better known and attracts new guests.

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