Evaluation and marketing concept for Spalt granary

Town / Municipal Brewery of Spalt
Herrengasse 10
91174 Spalt

Brief project description:

The mayor of Spalt is responsible for the Spalt Municipal Brewery and for the conversion of the historic granary into the future Spalt Hop and Beer Museum, which is already underway. The museum is set to be open by spring 2014 at the latest - together with the tourist information office located there and the Spalt brewery tours. The town of Spalt is in Middle Franconia, Bavaria, within the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, in the Franconian Lake District. The financing of the project is almost in place; sponsors are still being sought for the second construction phase and for marketing.

Key elements of the project:

  • arrowboldReview of the present "Spalt Granary" concept for market viability
  • arrowboldProfitability calculation
  • arrowboldPotential analysis
  • arrowboldMarketing concept with planning of measures and implementation proposals for the pre-opening phase
  • arrowboldDetermination of target groups and target markets
  • arrowboldElaboration of USPs and strengthening of the business profile
  • arrowboldList of activities, dates and responsibilities for a calendar year, broken down into months
  • arrowboldDistribution of the budget according to Kohl & Partner's five marketing principles.

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